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  • Straightening
  • Retubing
  • Welding in new splines and yokes
  • Staked Joints

We have a process for replacement of "staked" or "crimped" joints.  Eg. BMW, Mercedes, Ford and Japanese.


  • Shortening
  • Lengthening
  • Adaption
  • Up-sizing

We can build a driveshaft using components supplied by you or make a completely new shaft to your requirements.

Our machine will accept the many different complexities of One piece, Two piece and Three piece driveshafts.

We have a process to rebuild those small steering universals including the cube block type as fitted to English vehicles.

We can also manufacture new components for the rubber flexible coupling type.


Pistons and Pins match weighted
Conroads match weighted end for end
Crankshaft, damper, flywheel / flexplates and clutch dynamically balanced.

Counter weighted flywheels, flexplates and dampers can be match balanced for interchangeability.

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