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Universal Joints

To suit all applications; old and new; for modern vehicles, classic cars, race cars, stock cars, trucks, buses, heavy machinery, PTO shafts, 4 wheeler motorcycles, ride on mowers, boat propeller shafts, 4WD, double cardan shafts, steering shafts

Carrier Bearings

Or Hanger Bearings to suit Japanese, European, American cars, 4WD vehicles, trucks and heavy transport. Many unobtainable carrier bearings can be rebuild with new parts.

Rubber "Donut" Couplings

or Flexi Couplings and Donut Couplings to suit many makes; BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Commodore, Jaguar, Fiat, Opel and others. We also stock couplings for Toyota Estima, Previa, Lucida auxillary shafts.


CV Joints

For front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and 4WD applications. We also stock CV boot kits. We can rebuild CV joints and modify CV shafts.

Yokes - Splines - Tubing

To suit all types of driveshaft specifications and drive couplings. Gearbox yokes to suit many transmissions ; Turbo 350, Turbo 400, Toploader, C4, C6, Tremec, Hollinger, Richarson, Muncie, Borg Warner, Chrysler 727, Toyota T50 and others.
Driveshaft splines and tube yokes to suit whatever the application.
Driveshaft tube is available in many sizes and wall thickness.

U-bolt & Clamp kits

We have U bolt kits and saddle clamp kits to suit most diff yokes ; Chev, Dodge, Holden, Falcon, Ford 8", Ford 9", Salisbury, Borg-Warner and others.

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